Jameson’s Dinner Menu

Jameson’s Southern Cooking offers something for every budget. From our complete dinner menu offering main dishes with sides and cornbread to a la cart items, combo platters, sandwiches and we even offer a full catering service for your next family party, company picnic or holiday get together. We will be more than happy to help you plan a quality menu at a quality price.


All dinners served with Homemade Cornbread and a choice of two (2) sides.
Macaroni & Cheese – Potato Salad – Rice & Gravy – Sweet Potatoes
Black-Eyed Peas – String Beans – Collard Greens – Mashed Potatoes – Cabbage
(all vegetables are seasoned with smoked turkey)

Chicken Fingers- Lightly breaded chicken tenders w/honey mustard served on side $ 8.25
Leg & Thigh- Dark meat chicken fried in Southern Batter $ 9.50
Wings- Four Jumbo Whole Wings fried in Southern Batter $ 11.50
Breast Quarter w/Wing- Hearty breast (white meat of chicken) and wing fried in Southern Batter $ 11.50
Half Chicken- Breast, Wing, Leg & Thigh deep fried in Southern Batter $ 13.50
Baked Chicken- Half Chicken marinated and oven baked w/Jameson’s spices $ 14.50

Roast Beef- Top Round Baked Roast served with delicious brown gravy $ 10.50
Chopped BBQ Beef- Top round placed on grill and seasoned w/Jameson’s BBQ Sauce $ 11.50
Short Rib or Beef- Served w/Jameson’s Barbecue Sauce or covered w/delicious brown gravy $ 16.50
Meat Loaf- Served with delicious brown gravy $ 12.00

Pork Chop Dinner- Two chosen center cut pork chops, deep fried in southern batter $ 13.75
Pork Rib Dinner- Hearty serving of Ribs served w/Jameson’s Tasty Barbecue Sauce $ 15.00
Baby Back Ribs- A half rack of Baby Back Ribs served w/Jameson’s Tasty BBQ Sauce $ 17.00

Fresh Whiting- Deep fried in Jameson’s Cornmeal Batter $ 14.00
Farm Raised Catfish- Southern Farm Raised Catfish deep fried in Jameson’s Cornmeal Batter $ 13.50

Prices are subject to change.